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May 13, 2014  Solum is a leader in improving the soil testing process to provide increased accuracy and repeatability. Solum’s unique field moist process, measures the soil sample in the condition that the plant sees instead of drying and grinding them to a fine powder as is done with the traditional soil laboratory process. Potassium (K) is the best-documented improved nutrient measurement with the field moist process. The value is more accurate and repeatable which results in a better prediction of the crop response to K fertilizer application.

In our continuing efforts to bring you more accurate measurements you can trust, while improving our processes, we now are ready to introduce our new pH & BpH sample prep process. Our previous method using field moist had a different process stream than the process stream for nutrients. The idea to measure pH & BpH out of the same process stream has been around since the beginning; and now we have proved it out. Over the past winter we have developed a method and proven it to be significantly better than the previous process, increasing our internal repeatability and reproducibility by 85%.


Rest assured, the value we are reporting for pH and BpH is the same as we were reporting before. You do not need to use another formula or change your recommendations. The only change is to our internal method.

Our testing was done in 4 stages; review of public methods, concept of scientific method, proof of science, and qualification/verification of process. More than 1,000 samples from the inventory of Fall samples were used for this testing. In addition, we analyzed both the old method and new method in parallel this spring for over 1,700 samples to verify the overall process.

IMG_5264We have mentioned earlier that we were considering adding electrical conductivity (Ec) to our offerings. As part of the development of the new pH/BpH method, we have been testing a prototype Ec process. We expect to be fully capable of production quantities by Fall 2014. We will be doing sample testing for the Spring/Summer season of 2014. If you are interested, please call Linda Bottorff at 515-505-1036.


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