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We’d tried early season testing for N in the past, but it took too long to get results back. With Solum’s system, we take the samples, run them and can apply that day.” … “Where no need was indicated, yields were unaffected,” says Arndt [Central Valley Coop Agronomy Sales Manager]. “We also saw no yield advantage to standard sidedressing. Where a need for additional N was indicated, we saw the best yields ever, with 10-20-bu increases over no application control strips. Our growers ended up putting on less N than they would have normally, but used it where it was needed. I think in most cases they used around 80% of what they had planned to use.”

— Moist Soil Sample Provides Precision, Better Accuracy in Estimating Potassium, Jim Ruen, Corn and Soybean Digest, Mar. 27, 2013

[A] new rapid test developed by Solum Inc. to calculate residual nitrate levels in fields could help no-tillers get more timely results from the tests…You take a foot-deep sample, walk it over to the instrument, fill it up and 2 minutes later you’ve got a test result. So you can get the data back very quickly.”

— Cut The Wait For Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Tests, John Dobberstein, No Till Farmer, 2013

Quick, accurate field tests are behind the soil analysis done from the field by Solum,..’We use an optical sensor and UV spectrum to measure nitrate in a soil slurry. Most nitrate testing is just as accurate as a cadmium reduction test,’ [added Solum]. ‘The cost is comparable to other tests, and gets information to the field more quickly. Quick results allow for more timely nitrogen application versus a best guess.’ McGraw [soil sampling specialist from Buffalo Lake, MN] has observed Solum’s efforts. ‘They are spot on and very exact,’ he says. ‘Regardless of the process, farmers need to test at least twice per season. Three is better.’”

— 3 Best Nitrogen Tests, Barb Bayler Anderson, Corn and Soybean Digest, Feb. 1, 2013

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Solum’s™ mission is to develop software and measurement technology that makes the business of Agriculture simpler and more productive. Our advanced soil nutrient and fertilizer response models are developed by Solum's™ industry leading soil measurement laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

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