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May 3, 2013
lab_wetmillSolum has been hard at work this winter improving and streamlining our lab to increase performance and productivity – all for you.

In the Sample Prep Area, we have combined 4 separate areas into 1 area which improves our overall turnaround time by more than 4 hours. This process also uses a new microwave system for measuring moisture.

We also invented a series of robot tools, specifically for our lab, that have allowed us to automate the extraction process. Improves ergonomics, increases accuracy by eliminating errors caused by human operators, while at the same time maximizing capacity and decreasing throughput times during peak season shifts.

We also made QC improvements in the following areas:

  • pH – we added another quality check
  • ICP – we continue to analyze data to eliminate false positives and decreased cycle time on machines by 50%
  • Organic Matter – we are now using a dedicated soil for OM quality control, we found that having a custom-blended OM sample gives more precise results

Solum is an agricultural laboratory made up of experienced, highly-trained individuals working together to make a difference for you. We take pride in what we do, and we know how important both our analysis and customer service are to growing and sustaining your business. Our goal at Solum is to help farms and farmers reach their objective by supplying the best products and services with a never-ending emphasis on quality.

About Solum™

Solum’s™ mission is to develop software and measurement technology that makes the business of Agriculture simpler and more productive. Our advanced soil nutrient and fertilizer response models are developed by Solum's™ industry leading soil measurement laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

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