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No-Wait Nitrate™:  Real-time Nitrogen Measurement

No-Wait Nitrate™ is a mobile testing tool that enables in-season, site-specific measurement of nitrate in the soil with an optical readout. There is no other method available today that gives the same kind of laboratory-quality, immediate feedback on nitrogen levels at the side of the field. This has several significant benefits:


Nitrate Now

  • Simply weigh a sample, estimate its moisture and the machine does the rest-laboratory accurate results in 3 minutes or less
  • Spot-check fields that may be in need before in-season applications are made or follow them throughout the year to learn more
Nitrogen is crucial for optimal yield. It is the highest-cost fertilizer input for many crops yet is the least effectively managed nutrient because there is no simple, efficient solutions for in-season information. Solum’s No-Wait Nitrate™ system allows producers to increase yields or reduce costs while being a better steward to the environment.

The In-Season Difference

  • In-season soil tests have been shown to be one of the best predictors of crop response for corn.
  • Use soil test values to supplement your understanding of your current program for N.
  • Get set up now so you can test when there is a need.

Superb agreement between No-Wait Nitrate™ and cadmium reduction test in the laboratory (industry standard)


Accuracy Matters

  • Nitrogen is always in motion.
  • Field moist testing at the side of the field means that samples do not change while they are being shipped to the lab.
  • Our method has been tested by the National Lab for Agriculture and the Environment, the Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency program, UC-Davis extension program and Purdue. Results show that this tool is as accurate as any lab. Learn More.





NWN Bro-2

Nitrogen is Too Important to Wait

About Solum™

Solum’s™ mission is to develop software and measurement technology that makes the business of Agriculture simpler and more productive. Our advanced soil nutrient and fertilizer response models are developed by Solum's™ industry leading soil measurement laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

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