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June 12, 2013


NWN_trailerThe weather pattern this spring has led producers to question if there is enough nitrogen in their soil to achieve their goals. Indeed, the conditions we are facing at this time represent a perfect storm: Drought conditions last year lead some producers to expect carry over. The wet, late spring has prevented others from getting in with a planned application before planting. Some areas have experienced losses while other fields remain relatively intact. Solum No-Wait Nitrate measurement systems have measured lower numbers than average, but variability from field to field is significant. Studies have shown that these kind of conditions lead to the greatest returns for the pre-sidedress nitrate test. In a year like this, producers need better information to understand where their limited dollars will most likely result in significant improvements to yield.

Solum is ready to meet your nitrate nitrogen testing needs. We can set you up with your own No-Wait Nitrate machine, connect you with a nearby precision ag expert who is already processing samples, or immediately process samples at our lab in Ames. We are also arranging a tour of our mobile nitrate unit where we will be performing real-time measurements for customers in the field. Please reply to this email or call us at 1-855-GO-SOLUM if you would like to learn more.

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Solum’s™ mission is to develop software and measurement technology that makes the business of Agriculture simpler and more productive. Our advanced soil nutrient and fertilizer response models are developed by Solum's™ industry leading soil measurement laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

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