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December 6, 2013

Several members of our team were at the Integrated Crop Management Conference at Iowa State University over the last couple days.    There were lots of great talks.   Perhaps the most exciting one for our team was the talk Dr. Antonio P. Mallarino gave on the updated fertility recommendations Iowa State made last fall.

Dr. Mallarino once again emphasized that field calibration research has demonstrated that testing using moist samples in the soil K test is more reliable than using dried samples and that using moist samples in the K test is a better predictor of crop K response rate to fertilization.  He also showed some great new results.   The following results were included in the conference proceedings.   These results use the “slurry” (as opposed to “direct extract”) field moist method, which is identical to what we have implemented in our lab.  The correlations in Dr. Mallario’s study are as good or better than anything we have seen before.



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