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Complete Soil Testing Solution

One partner for all of your sampling needs

Solum operates a full service lab in Ames, IA to provide farmers and their service providers information they need to focus their input dollars where they will generate the highest yield and return.

  • Standard soil measurement package includes P, K, pH, Buffered pH, Organic Matter, S, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, %BSAT, CEC


  • Additional results such as Nitrate-Nitrogen, Micronutrients (Fe, Cu, B, Mn), or Phosphorus tests using the Bray or Olsen methods can be added for a small fee.

Solum delivered more than 1 million data points in its first year giving customers the information they need to manage hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. Call 1-855-GO-SOLUM to learn more.


The Benefits of Working with Solum

Traditional soil testing, advanced measurements, mobile units and more…


Field Moist Testing

Field moist testing provides better predictions for potassium needs.

Advanced Quality

RFIDs, Moisture Tracking, 3 QC tests per motherbin lead to better accuracy.

Fast Results

Nitrate in Minutes, Traditional results in hours. Our process is streamlined for volume.

Advanced Measurements

Pipeline of new tools starting with laser diffraction defined texture.

Online Results

We support all precision ag software, and provide easy ways for you to interact with your data.

No-Wait Nitrate™

Control your in season needs. Get your own laboratory accurate nitrate tool today.

Certified Results

Approved by state agencies, our methods meet regulatory needs.

We have really been trying to push yields in these fields, but with conventional soil sampling, we weren’t getting the yields we wanted.. When we applied potash VRT on 2.5-acre grids according to the moist samples, we were applying more in the areas where it was needed. We saw yields climb dramatically, up to 260-270 bu. in areas where we had never seen those yields before. It is tough to tell, but we expect a 5% yield increase with field-moist sampling over conventional dry.”

Moist Soil Sample Provides Precision, Better Accuracy in Estimating Potassium, Jim Ruen, Corn and Soybean Digest, Mar. 27, 2013

About Solum™

Solum’s™ mission is to develop software and measurement technology that makes the business of Agriculture simpler and more productive. Our advanced soil nutrient and fertilizer response models are developed by Solum's™ industry leading soil measurement laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

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